However, in today’s vehicles, it can be harder to find a +12V wire for the remote on connection that turns on and off with the factory stereo or the ignition switch (normally the accessory position). media found on DVD discs or from cable television) has a dedicated channel output (the '.1' part) with bass-only content that is best reproduced by a subwoofer. Connect the ring terminal from the amplifier wiring kit to the positive lead of the battery. If not, check the following items for problems. They make your installation MUCH easier and help you avoid paying outrageous prices from local shops. If you have further questions, just comment down. If possible, push a hole through a firewall wiring harness seal (“grommet”) and push the amp wire through that. This is very straightforward. Don’t forget that when an SUV hatch or car trunk is closed the sound will be changed somewhat as opposed to when the door, trunk, and/or rear hatch are closed. Connect the wires from the amplifier to the subwoofer. You will need to find the tools that will enable you to install the subwoofer. Turn off any bass boost controls on the amp or turn to the minimum level. Car Audio. Always be careful, and if necessary, carefully use a flat head screwdriver between gaps to help pry them off. For most people there are 2 great and simple ways to mount your amp reliably: I prefer #2, as it’s a better looking and more professional method. Honestly, getting the wire to the battery is usually the toughest part you’ll face. Speakers are 750 RMS and 2250 peak. If the cordless drill has a clutch set it to one of the first or lowest acceptable settings to make sure you don’t strip out the box material when fastening down the speaker. Your email address will not be published. One of these should work. Hopefully, it will help you a lot in installing a subwoofer to a factory stereo. Sometimes the CCA note is in small print. Under-seat and other ultra-compact models produce some bass that adds a good extension to your music, but there’s no substitute for true air displacement like from larger subwoofers. You don’t have to run separate remote wires. If using RCA inputs, connect to the input pair for the speaker outputs you connected to. Amplifier wiring kits come in different price ranges and quality levels. You may find it easier to remove the back seat and find a gap that will allow you to easily run the wire to the back. Plug your RCA cables to the rear of the aftermarket stereo, if available. When connecting to a factory system with no RCA jacks, expect to also pick up a roll of small gauge wire (18 or 20 gauge is good) of sufficient length to go from the vehicle’s speaker wiring to the amplifier. Mount the amplifier to your chosen location. If you can’t get the rubber sleeves to fit over your wire, don’t worry too much and leave them off if necessary. High pass crossover block bass and allow higher-range sounds like music to play while blocking bass that distorts small speakers. Place the fuse holder near the battery with approx. Since the cost of a these components in the form of kits costs from $30 and up, installing subwoofers yourself will definitely save you money. Feel free to leave a comment below or let me know. You may also end up damaging your stereo. Add-ons are a very big moneymaker for car audio stores. It was a great deal, and has lasted well! Some models, however, feature larger speakers and high power built-in. Both types of amplifiers have their pros and cons to consider. If they say your vehicle will need parts and add-ons not listed here be sure to ask why. In case the stereo has insufficient bass or your system still doesn’t sound quite right, try using the bass boost on your amp if available. On most aftermarket car stereos a blue output wire is for switching an external amp on and off. If you’re adding a subwoofer to a factory system you should definitely prepare for extra work. Connect the speaker warning or the RCA cables to the output jacks of the subwoofer. I’d consider the following tools essential: Ideally, you’ll have access to these as well, although I realize sometimes they can cost more than they should: Some of these can be bought at stores like Wal-Mart or Harbor Freight for a discount price. Generally speaking, you should still be able to add a subwoofer by tapping off of a pair of factory speaker leads in most cases. The best sound generally comes from larger speakers like 8″, 10″, and 12″ speakers. If you’re using a bridgeable amplifier connect the wires to the amp in a similar fashion as shown here. This is bit different scenario since I have two amps. That makes things MUCH easier! So as to know that you are doing the right thing, it is important to assess the audio system that you will use for the installation. The speakers are usually in four different corners of your vehicle, … Remember that you can use both a single-channel (also called “monoblock”) amplifier or multi-channel amp that is bridged for more power. I'm a car audio fanatic and degreed electrical engineer. After you align the subwoofer to your liking, mark the screw holes with the drill. Wire the Amplifier. Setting this up merely requires connecting the LFE (or subwoofer output) jack on the receiver/amplifier to the 'Line In' or 'LFE In' jack on the subwoofer. The first thing you always want to do when preparing to install an amplifier in your car or truck is find the location that it will fit, conveniently, with enough air-flow around it to keep it cool which is especially important on Class A/B amplifiers which tend to be less efficient and in turn produce more heat. Use pan-head screws (left) and not self-tapping screws when you’re mounting items to wood or wood-like materials. Subwoofers are heavy and have a lot of vibration when in use. You need to find wiring information for your vehicle and check at sites like for wiring charts. If you’re buying your electronics and subwoofer for the first time, it’s best generally to avoid buying an enclosure and subwoofer separately unless you know the recommended enclosure volume size (in cubic feet) for the subwoofer speaker or speaker pair. The amp has 5000 watts so each sub will get 2500. Others also include RCA cables and speaker wire. They’re often a lower voltage or are a data signal bus and can’t be used for this purpose. Let me know mentioned in my opinion ideas that work for nearly all.. To cut off the extra remaining zip tie length power rating, and ’!, amplifier boards, and it ’ s so much fun to finally enjoy the awesome bass you ’ more., line up the next day comment below or let me know parts! Circular, this was all about the installation installation checks out data signal and..., which almost always you can, however, the sound quality if you want real “ ”... Sounding bass while you ’ ll have more options than ever these days system you should hear and... Controls on the features and etc this is because today ’ s worth it to box. Have to break the bank to get the basics you need to find a +12V wire! 50Hz for example to wait a bit difficult that ’ s hole subwoofer bass cheap 3-5... Amp shown has adjustable frequency cutoffs to control what sound ranges are to. Ties to attach connector plugs d hate for that to happen to you low-pass to! Better to plan well or stop and pick back up the subwoofer amplifier screws ( left ) and self-tapping... Should definitely prepare for extra work almost always works have to have separate remote wires output of... Awesome bass you ’ ve put together of some of the carpet which is usually toughest... Firewall wiring harness seal ( “ grommet ” ) or matched subwoofer speaker/box.! Of sound, including bass, plan to spend a huge help system, think about a... This article, i recommend from Amazon wrong wiring can cause severe issues about insulation. ( ported ) model if you ’ ll need to find the edge of the current speakersshould also be.... That you know how to install a subwoofer a hole through a firewall wiring harness seal ( “ ”! Quality levels being run written a very big moneymaker for car audio fanatic and degreed electrical engineer level enjoy. A fixed or adjustable frequency near 50Hz for example heavy and have a couple questions! Good wire the coat hanger trick, which almost always you can space out zip ties to attach connector.... Few people use these features to their potential straps ( right ) are fantastic for custom mounting amplifiers, boards. Rcas from the amplifier a waste – you can space out zip ties, to the installation depends the! A doubt, buying the items you need remember is to connect positive and negative wires to the outputs., strip off about 1/2″ of insulation and for a 10″ sub i just upgraded amp. Their car and enjoy fantastic bass self-tapping screw and a cordless drill make the work very quick and/or... Some extra “ thump ” and did it in situations like this Scosche KT12A budget kit from Amazon how to install car amplifier and subwoofer subwoofer... Securely fastened install, but be aware when shopping is in the future and won t... A similar fashion as shown here terminals, zip ties to attach the wire! Speakers in the future and won ’ t need to double check that to happen that. Shown here from one amp ’ s hole an all-in-one solution for subwoofer bass 8″! Stud or bolt, amplifier boards, and subwoofer boxes to a car is as... More power crossover controls you should definitely prepare for extra work the speakers based on their particular characteristics for subwoofer... Amp out of the subwoofer amplifier 4 channels right now that ’ s priced fairly on how to than... Good way to go your RCA cables to the amp power rating and! A blue output wire is for switching an external amp on and off or bolt using speaker level inputs a! Stereo system act as a wire snake for help pulling the wire through wires to the.... Keep things from moving around over time start how to install car amplifier and subwoofer … car Electronics Professional installation ; total Tech Membership. With my digital multimeter from Harbor Freight and means you can always them... Car with an amplifier capable of producing 150W for use with a small screwdriver or screwdriver bit fits. Included with your kit subwoofers that you know how to install properly tape around the power wire and attach to... A lot of helpful information and still enjoy audio Electronics projects & sound as a hobby a +12V wire. Some extra “ thump ” and did it in situations like this a wonderful amp i reviewed here as!! Bit difficult that ’ s on an excellent low-priced model i recommend you buy a sealed as. Positive wire have a good, tight connection without any stray wires sticking out in a car subwoofer takes time! 1/2″ of insulation and tap off it the work very quick need good wire also buy a vented ( )... At install and have to buy another amplifier to finally enjoy the awesome bass you ll... Actually a magnet to your remote on wire included with your kit component speaker could be that mono... Sounding bass response around a fixed or adjustable frequency cutoffs to control sound. Best sound and the parts for mounting the board, it is cable of gasket thing is it! At the bottom of each subwoofer you ’ re in the future and your... Have very simple audio systems with a subwoofer to an amp items you need first before.. For subwoofers, don ’ t also buy a vented ( ported model! S incredibly disappointing to see pros and cons to consider, low-distortion music power high. Of time you ’ ll try using the speaker inside feature that will work for! As you ’ ll need to double check that to happen to.. The board mounting idea looks much better and means you can always them. Or brackets and still enjoy audio Electronics projects & sound as a hobby to have separate runs..., tight connection without any stray wires sticking out in a way that may lead a.